The storage of electrical energy produced by the solar photovoltaic system is now an attractive investment option, increasing the independence of the electric grid and allowing for a more optimized management of consumed electricity.
We have prepared for you an energy storage solution based on high durability lithium-ion batteries, which allow you to accumulate the surplus production of the photovoltaic system for consumption at night, thus substantially decreasing your electrical energy bill.
This way, you can achieve an energy autonomy of up to 80%.

Enjoy the tranquillity of energy independence

Being an energy producer and consumer with an integrated storage system offers you the tranquillity and energy independence that everyone dreams of. This technological solution allows you to be free from variations in electrical energy costs that have been witnessing constant annual increases.

Capitalize on all the energy it produces

This solution allows the batteries to store the solar energy that is produced throughout the day and is not self-consumed, making it possible to consume this surplus energy at other times, namely at night, which is typically the time when there is more consumption in the homes.

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